Resources Center Team

The LaunchDSI resource center is based at our MSH Tanzania office and draws additional expertise from other offices in countries where ADSIs have been implemented as well as from MSH’s US office.

The resource center serves as a repository for training materials, reports, publications, and information on funding sources and donors, as well as the providers of technical assistance.

Dr. Suleiman KimattaDr. Suleiman Kimatta is the Director of LaunchDSI in Tanzania. He has worked on Tanzania’s ADDO program since 2006. As a pediatrician, Dr. Kimatta has been particularly involved with ADDO initiatives related to child health, including revising the dispenser curricula to assure its alignment with the Integrated Management of Child Illness initiative (IMCI). Dr. Kimatta has also led efforts to link ADDO dispensers, community health workers, and health care providers. As part of this intervention, community health workers were officially empowered to refer cases to ADDOs if they were far from a health facility. He has also been very involved in a UNICEF program to increase access to amoxicillin dispersible tablets and oral rehydration solution/zinc co-packs in ADDOs. In addition, Dr. Kimatta, with his team, has hosted delegates from countries interested in implementing the ADDO program, including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Liberia, South Sudan, Uganda, and Zambia.

Previously, Dr. Kimatta worked as a UNICEF project health officer on IMCI, the expanded program on immunization, nutrition, and malaria. In this capacity, he helped implement IMCI at the facility and community levels. He has organized and conducted trainings on IMCI for senior health professionals inside and outside Tanzania. He served as the regional medical officer in Tanzania’s Mtwara region as a pediatrician and coordinator for the acute respiratory infections and diarrheal disease programs. He has also served as a WHO advisor on how to conduct trainings related to the control of diarrheal disease and acute respiratory infection programs for district health management team members.

Dr. Suleiman Kimatta
Program Director

Eliphace MkumboEliphace Mkumbo, a pharmacist, joins the LaunchDSI team after having previously worked as the Project Director & Private Sector Advisor for five years on the Tibu Homa project (Improvement of Diagnosis and Management of Febrile Illness) in Tanzania’s Lake Zone. In addition to helping increase access to medicines and commodities to treat febrile illness in children, Mr. Mkumbo supported local stakeholders to mobilize resources that supported the management of febrile illness in facilities and in the community, including strengthening the Community Health Fund. Before joining MSH, Mr. Mkumbo worked with the Bugando Medical Centre as a senior pharmacist heading the sterile production unit and deputizing the drug information unit. He was also the managing director of Msua Pharmacy, a chain of retail outlets in Mwanza, Tanzania.

Eliphace Mkumbo

Richard ValimbaRichard Valimba  is a Tanzanian pharmacist who has supported the ADDO program for more than 10 years. He led a successful initiative to combat antimicrobial resistance by increasing ADDO dispensers’ awareness of the consequences of misusing antimicrobials and improving their practices as well as educating community members on the importance of using antimicrobials correctly through an outreach campaign. Working with the National TB and Leprosy Program and the Pharmacy Council, he also helped pilot a project that engaged ADDOs and pharmacies in Dar es Salaam and Morogoro regions in the early identification and referral of presumptive TB cases at community level. The intervention is now scaling up to 10 additional regions.

Richard Valimba


Pharmacy Council of Tanzania

  • Responsible for providing regulatory oversight to Tanzania’s ADDO program
  • Collaborates with local authorities to assure that ADDOs meet and maintain accreditation standards
  • Uses electronic tools to populate a database of all ADDOs and pharmacies that includes geo-coded location, fee status, and reports on operational indicators

Tanzania Food and Drugs Authority

  • Oversees Tanzania’s drug quality
  • Designed and launched the ADDO program and oversaw its expansion until 2010

Invention and Technological Ideas Development Organization (ITIDO)

  • Conducted a situational analysis of Tanzania’s mobile communications industry, identify mobile health projects in Tanzania, and explore the feasibility of using mobile phone technology to strengthen ADDO operations
  • Designed Pharmacy Council information technology system, including database and website
  • Created technical applications for ADDOs to send and receive information via basic mobile phones
  • Implemented a mobile money tool for ADDOs to pay license fees to Pharmacy Council

Apotheker Consultancy (T) Ltd.

  • Assessed the effectiveness of Tanzania’s decentralized private sector pharmaceutical regulatory system
  • Worked with Liberian drug regulatory authorities to develop an inspection strategy and inspectors’ manual for accredited medicines stores
  • Used multiple methodologies to asses prescribing and dispensing practices, record keeping, and drug availability and prices at health facilities, ADDOs, and pharmacies; characterize the health referral mechanism; and determine ADDO owners’ and dispensers’ attitudes and behaviors related to dispensing and antimicrobial resistance

Coalition for Health Promotion and Social Development (HEPS Uganda)

  • Conducted community-based qualitative research to determine households’ experiences with and opinions on private medicine outlets in Uganda
  • Drafted options analysis on improving access to medicines in hard-to-reach areas
  • Designed and implemented a pilot project to increase community awareness of the concept of essential medicines and rational use of medicines and empower communities to demand quality pharmaceutical services

Tanzania Consumer Advocacy Society

  • Carried out situational analysis of ongoing consumer advocacy initiatives in Tanzania and assess options for addressing consumer advocacy needs and expectations
  • Conducted mystery shopper exercise to assess ADDO dispenser practices by recruiting and training local consumers

Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences

  • Conducted drug quality testing using semi-quantitative Global Pharma Health Fund-Minilab® thin-layer chromatography, high-performance thin-layer liquid chromatography, and disintegration assay
  • Carried out surveys of 1,185 households related to health-seeking behavior, medicine purchases and knowledge of antimicrobial resistance; analyzed data

Centre for Documentation and Communication Interventions (CDCI)

  • Conducted situational and options analyses of successful establishment and effective functioning of ADDO provider associations in Tanzania
  • Worked with ADDO owners and dispensers to establish and govern associations with the goal of providing benefits to members that increase ADDO sustainability; created a comprehensive toolkit and association newsletter
  • Used in-depth interviews with government officials to determine their perceptions of ADDO services, health care demand, and the national health insurance scheme

Top Consulting Inc.

  • Adapted existing curriculum and other materials and conducted business skills training for medicine store owners in Liberia
  • Designed and carried out an outreach campaign to launch Liberia’s accredited medicine store program; activities included launch celebration for 400 people, road shows, radio advertising, and public awareness surveys

Pharmaceutical Systems Africa

  • Conducted formative research to determine the behaviors and preferences of target groups regarding medicine store services in Liberia
  • Conducted pre/post accreditation intervention assessments of systems, perceptions, and practices of drug shops and customers in Liberia and Uganda using multiple data collection methods
  • Evaluated the impact of a peer supervision strategy implemented by a drug seller owner organization in Uganda