Accredited Drug Seller Initiatives Publication Compendium: 2009–2017

Over more than a decade MSH authors have published a number of journal articles describing the accredited drug seller implementation experience and lessons learned in Tanzania—home of the flagship ADDO program. Ranging from robust multi-method quantitative research to informative qualitative research, the compendium is classified by overarching topic and includes links to the full articles, if available.

Additional information can be found at, including a bibliography with any article related to drug sellers worldwide.

LaunchDSI updates training materials to reflect best practices in adult learning

Working with an international training expert, LaunchDSI updated Uganda’s ADS dispensing (sellers) and business (owners) curricula with new content and teaching methods. Additional content includes instructions on conducting rapid diagnostic tests for malaria and a suite of notifiable diseases that can be incorporated based on an individual country’s risk profile. In addition, our expert applied the best practices in adult learning by making the teaching methodology more interactive with role plays, exercises, and group discussions. We recommend that countries looking to launch accredited drug seller initiatives use these curricula to adapt for their own contexts.

LaunchDSI presents at the East African Healthcare Federation Conference

Slide1Nasser Lubowa of Uganda’s National Drug Authority, Aziz Maija of MSH Uganda, and Eliphace Mkumbo of LaunchDSI in Tanzania will be presenting a poster at EAHF in Kampala in June 2016. The conference theme is: The Role of the Private Sector in Attaining the Healthcare Sustainable Development Goals. The Uganda team will discuss their experiences in implementing Uganda’s Accredited Drug Sellers program, in particular their role in expanding access to family planning products. In addition, Eliphace Mkumbo will take questions from those interested in learning more about how to jump-start country drug seller initiatives through LaunchDSI resources.

LaunchDSI provides a grant to Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority (ZAMRA)

In May 2016, ZAMRA received a grant from LaunchDSI to adapt and introduce an accredited drug seller initiative called the Health Shops program. Zambia has already developed the Health Shop model and standards and regulations have been established. Once the curriculum has been adapted, ZAMRA plans to roll out the program in a phased manner, starting in two districts in each of two provinces–Muchinga and Western Provinces in the first year.

LaunchDSI provides a grant to Uganda’s National Drug Authority (NDA)

In May 2016, Uganda’s NDA received a grant from Launch DSI to further their scale-up of the Accredited Drug Shop (ADS) initiative. Four districts will be targeted the first year: Lyantonde, Kabale, Kanungu and Rakai . Other activities will include establishing an ADS database at NDA and developing a resource mobilization strategy to sustain the ADS program.

LaunchDSI hosts delegations from Bangladesh and Nigeria

In February 2015, two different government delegations from Bangladesh visited Tanzania to see the accredited drug dispensing outlet program in action. Another delegation from the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria made the trip in May. The three delegations met with various Tanzanian authorities, including the Registrar of the Pharmacy Council, the head of the Tanzania Food and Drugs Authority, the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare’s Permanent Secretary and the country’s Chief Pharmacist. In addition to seeing examples of urban pharmacies in Dar es Salaam, the visitors made trips to Pwani and Morogoro regions to see examples of Tanzania’s ADDOs–Duka la Dawa Muhimu.